Ellen Himic


Ellen Himic, LLC prides itself on the fluid sculptural design of the jewelry, rather than ostentatious aesthetics. Using rhodium plating and other exciting emerging technologies, with extraordinary engineering abilities and top of the line manufacturers, Ellen has intelligently designed unique custom snap-fit hinges, clasps, and earring backs, all of which have each become a beloved feature of her signature collection. Composed of extravagant rings, gorgeous pendants, jeweled necklaces and delicate earrings, the timeless line of jewelry is created from precious and semi-precious metals and stones of the highest quality.

While technology plays a major role in the design of each piece, the jewelry retains just the right touch of eye-catching feminine sparkle. The Ellen Himic line is refreshingly original in that the jewelry is made using a select mix of stones customized to match the changing seasons. Her ornate, architecturally inspired aesthetic is incredibly fashion forward. Each pristine piece features beautifully detailed metal work, whether it be chic swirl patterns on sterling silver orbs, the subtle arches on a ring, delicately curved silver earrings, or meticulously placed stones and gradients of radial repetition. These exquisite signature traits shine throughout the entire collection of wearable art.

Each polished piece is inspired by assorted elements of breathtaking buildings, like the molding or trim of an Italian cathedral, or the Grecian columns of ancient Athens. All of these various facets combine to create the exceptional edifice that is the brand of Ellen Himic. Whether your style is fresh, classy, or couture – the sophisticated, yet modern designs of Ellen’s jewelry gives a sense of strong beauty and stunning individual style. Fashionable with a classical twist, Ellen Himic is successfully narrowing the gap between contemporary and fine jewelry.